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Whether you’re an organisation with a vested interest, or an individual that simply wants to help spread the cyber security word, we’d love it if you joined the campaign.

To help you do so, we’ve created a supporters’ toolkit, within which you’ll find a range of assets to use in around the workplace, on your website and on social media.


A3 poster


A5 leaflet


Pull-up banners

  Cyber Aware pull-up banner 1

  Cyber Aware pull-up banner 2


Z -card

  Cyber Aware credit card sized leaflets


Email Signature

  Cyber Aware email signature


Digital banners

  Cyber Aware strong, separate email password Skyscraper digital banner

  Cyber Aware strong, separate email password MPU digital banner

  Cyber Aware software and app updates Skyscraper digital banner

 Cyber Aware software and app updates MPU digital banner


Facebook posts

  Cyber Aware Facebook post 1

  Cyber Aware Facebook post 2

  Cyber Aware Facebook post 3

  Cyber Aware Facebook post 4


Cyber Aware social media posts

  Cyber Aware suggested social media posts (opens new window)


Cyber Aware and Take Five Communications Toolkit for Law Enforcement