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Our aim is to make good cyber security habits second nature, not an afterthought, for individuals and small businesses. Understanding and adopting simple online security is key to enabling individuals and small businesses to become more resilient against the cyber threat while also getting the most out of being online. 

To most effectively deliver on this big task, we need a collective and collaborative approach from the public and private sector, with all embedding HMG’s simple, protective cyber security advice into everyday touchpoints. 

Our research shows that people are now connected from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep – creating huge opportunities to integrate positive messaging on online security into your interactions with your customers and employees. The public expect to hear from all of us on this, Government, public and private sectors alike.  It’s more important than ever to mobilise ourselves to provide this information consistently and coherently. Cyber Aware is designed to do just this. 

We work with over 300 organisations, from law enforcement to major retailers, household brand names to charities and other Government departments, by providing them with all the support and materials they need to spread the cyber security word in creative and innovative ways, from social media activity to co-branded advertising. We can even co-develop bespoke communications tailored to your organisation. 

If you’re an organisation wanting to support the campaign, please get in touch at [email protected]