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Beware of fake websites

Cyber criminals are experts in tricking people. They can set-up fake websites almost identical to real website addresses.  They’ll try to get you to share sensitive information, such as your bank account details or passwords, or download malware (malicious software) which can infect your devices, damaging or deleting your data. 

Always check that the website address of the site you are using is correct. Cyber criminals can create fake website addresses which look very similar to the real website address, such as misspelling the name of the company. 

Get ahead of the cyber criminals and wherever possible type the address of the website directly into the browser or search for the website using a search engine.

A website can still be a fake website if it has a padlock and/or ‘https’ in the address bar. These simply mean data is encrypted when transferred over the internet, not that the website itself is trustworthy. 

Don’t use public Wi-Fi to transfer sensitive information such as card details

Cyber criminals can set-up fake WiFi hotspots, enabling them to intercept sensitive information you are transferring online.