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You can help keep your smartphone and tablet secure by using the security features on your phone.

Secure your tablet or smartphone with a screen lock

Screen locks offer your devices an important extra layer of security. Each time you want to unlock your device or switch it on, you’ll be asked to enter a PIN, password or fingerprint. This means that if someone gets hold of your device they can’t access the data on your device without entering your password, pattern, PIN or fingerprint.

Don’t use ‘1,2,3,4’ or an ‘L’ shaped pattern which are easy for other people to guess.

Don’t ‘jailbreak’ or ‘root’ your smartphone

Jailbreaking or rooting turns off software restrictions placed by manufacturers on your smartphone, allowing you to download and install apps that aren’t available through official app stores.

Don’t jailbreak or root your devices. Switching off software restrictions leaves your phone vulnerable to malicious software or applications (malware), which can infect your phone and damage or delete data including your valuable photos and videos. 

Jailbreaking will also invalidate your phone’s warranty and mean that you will no longer receive software and app updates.