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Are You Responsible For Information?
27th October 2014 | Cyber Aware

In the course of our day to day tasks we handle, process, store and share information. Whether this includes business, customer, financial or personal information, or indeed intellectual property, it is important that we do so securely.

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Cyber Streetwise Experts Urge Small Firms to Take Key Steps to Combat Cyber Crime
22nd October 2014 | Cyber Aware

Many small and medium-sized businesses underestimate the threat online fraud poses to their profitability, cash flow and reputation, according to a specially assembled group of experts on cyber fraud.

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Get Safe Online Week – Don’t be a Victim
21st October 2014 | Cyber Aware

Don’t be a Victim’ is the theme for Get Safe Online Week which started Monday. This is an annual event which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of online criminals – and the simple steps you can take to defeat them and be safe online.

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Three quarters of Britons risking online safety
15th October 2014 | Cyber Aware

A new survey from Cyber Streetwise has revealed the vast majority of people are not taking the necessary steps to protect their identity online, with 75 per cent[i] admitting they do not follow best practice to create complex passwords.

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