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Are you doing enough to protect your business in 2016?
27th November 2015 | Cyber Aware

Cyber Streetwise has been consulting with business leaders at the recent Cyber Streetwise Forum event on the importance of making cyber security a core part of business strategy in 2016.

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Action Fraud and City of London Police team up to help debunk Urban Fraud Myths
16th November 2015 | Cyber Aware

A new campaign from Action Fraud and the City of London Police aims to debunk common fraud misconceptions and, through daily examples via social media, help to identify ways you can avoid falling into traps laid by fraudsters.

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#use3words and always #thinkrandom
23rd October 2015 | Cyber Aware

Why do we want you to be random with your passwords? The reason is that using three random words helps to make a strong password which you can remember more easily.  

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NCA urges public to protect themselves from Dridex malware
13th October 2015 | Cyber Aware

The National Crime Agency (NCA) is asking members of the public to be aware of a serious strain of malicious software (malware) ‘Dridex’, which is being used by criminals to access online banking details and steal money. 

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Passwords – why three random words
9th October 2015 | Cyber Aware

Traditionally, the ultimate strong password is considered to be long and containing a multitude of symbols, numbers and capital letters. Although quite secure as a password, most of us have found them to be far from memorable.

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