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Passwords – why three random words
9th October 2015 | Cyber Aware

Traditionally, the ultimate strong password is considered to be long and containing a multitude of symbols, numbers and capital letters. Although quite secure as a password, most of us have found them to be far from memorable.

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Myth busters – “I can ignore those software updates”
23rd September 2015 | Cyber Aware

The myth “Software updates can safely be ignored” – this is probably something many of us will be guilty of thinking at some point. They don’t do anything anyway, do they? The reality Software updates are required to address security vulnerabilities in your software.

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Your life is on that device
8th September 2015 | Cyber Aware

We recently launched new Cyber Streetwise adverts reminding us that for the vast majority, our whole life, both business and personal, is kept on devices like your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Is Your Business Falling For Any Of The Cyber Security ‘Myths’?
24th February 2015 | Cyber Aware

According to new research by Cyber Streetwise, small and medium sized companies are putting a third (32%) of their revenue at risk because they are falling for some of the common misconceptions around cyber security, leaving them vulnerable to losing valuable data and suffering both financial and

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