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Your life is on that device

Your life is on that device

We recently launched new Cyber Streetwise adverts reminding us that for the vast majority, our whole life, both business and personal, is kept on devices like your smartphone, tablet or computer. If a hacker gains access to your device they could cause a lot of damage – for example they can use your email to gain access to all your personal accounts. If you own a business, your devices are full of your clients’ data.  Your business and its reputation are at risk if this information is compromised. It is not hard to be more secure online. The new campaign introduces three simple steps to focus on. 

1. Use strong passwords which include three random words

This will keep your online accounts strong and out of reach from hackers. Prioritise your online banking and your email account – your email is a gateway to lots more of your personal information. You should also use separate passwords for your business and home accounts 

2. Use security software, such as antivirus, across all computers, tablets and smartphones

This will help to prevent them being compromised by viruses or malware. All operating systems need this type of protection – Apple, Windows and Android.


3. Regularly download software updates for your devices

You may think they don’t make a difference, but software updates contain vital security upgrades which help protect your device. 

It’s easy to make your devices more secure – take action today. And if you have a question, join us on Twitter (opens new window).