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Working To Help Families Stay Safe And Be Cyber Streetwise Online

Working To Help Families Stay Safe And Be Cyber Streetwise Online

Happy Safer Internet Day (opens new window) everyone!

We’re 100% behind a campaign that will see  hundreds of organisations unite to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

We have an area (opens new window) on the website dedicated to advice on keeping your family safe online, but we also see the whole website as a resource for the whole family – whether it’s making sure your teenagers know how to create strong and memorable passwords (opens new window) or ensuring you’re up to speed on your Tumblrs and your Snapchats (opens new window).

So, to summarise just a few of the things we’re hoping you’ll be inspired enough to consider this week:

Parental Controls (opens new window)
Set parental controls (available through your internet provider) to prevent young children from venturing onto inappropriate sites.

Know what your children are doing online (opens new window)
With the plethora of social networks and online games, it’s more important than ever to have a basic level of knowledge on how these sites work and how to set privacy settings if required.

Understand the issue (opens new window)
Cyberbullying, online grooming, online pornography and privacy / identity theft are just some of the issues vulnerable children can encounter online. Internet Matters addresses many of these.

Strong Passwords (opens new window)
Encourage all of the family to create strong, memorable passwords online to help keep invaluable data (such as photos and bank details) safe from hackers.

Using social network site safely and securely (opens new window)
Make sure children understand how the settings on networking sites control who sees what. Most social network sites have simple settings that allow complete control of what is being shared.

Let us know what you’ve seen for #SID2015 and been inspired by, and we’ll be sharing our favourite pieces too.