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New Year's Resolutions – Protect Your Gadgets

New Year's Resolutions – Protect Your Gadgets

How many of you received a web enabled device this Christmas? If you are one of the many currently tapping away on a shiny new gift, make sure you incorporate a few of the basics to keep your new device safe and secure in 2015.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the essentials that you should be implementing to keep smartphones, laptops and tablets protected.

  • Did you know smartphones and tablets are also prone to viruses, spyware and malware? So make sure to install one of the many reputable anti-virus (opens new window) / anti-spyware apps available on the market
  • Don’t delay downloading updates (opens new window) for security apps – do it as soon as you are prompted as this can help provide protection against new malware
  • Don’t connect devices (i.e. your smartphone to your computer) unless the latest anti-virus software is installed and running on both
  • Be vigilant when downloading apps – whether it is for banking or shopping (opens new window) – and make sure you’re only doing so from established and recognised sources
  • Make sure all passwords (opens new window)are made of 3 or more words, upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. Change your password regularly
  • Remember there is  good-quality free anti-virus security software (opens new window) available from many providers, with an option to upgrade
  • Your anti-virus software is only effective if you update it when prompted and use it to scan your device regularly
  • Failing to secure your wireless network (opens new window) can give hackers access to your bank details, passwords, private and sensitive data – a couple of pointers:
  • If when connecting your device to your wireless network you don’t see  a padlock symbol, you’ll need to go into your network settings and put a password on your wireless system by selecting WPA2 as the encryption (opens new window) type
  • Switch off ‘auto connect’ to prevent your device from automatically connecting to (potentially dangerous) Wi-Fi networks

If you found these tips helpful, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook (opens new window) and Twitter feeds for a printable version that you can print for yourself or pass on to friends and family to help keep their shiny new devices healthy in 2015.