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NCA urges public to protect themselves from Dridex malware

13th October 2015 | Cyber Aware
NCA urges public to protect themselves from Dridex malware

The National Crime Agency (NCA) is asking members of the public to be aware of a serious strain of malicious software (malware) ‘Dridex’, which is being used by criminals to access online banking details and steal money. 

The malware, developed by cyber criminals in Eastern Europe, has been used to target individuals and businesses around the world. Computers become infected when users unknowingly download the malware by opening an email attachment or clicking on a link. 

How can I protect myself from Dridex?

To protect yourself from becoming infected, remember to always take care not to open documents in emails, or click on links, if the email is unexpected or you do not recognise the sender.

In addition, you should ensure security software (opens new window) is installed on all devices and that you always download the latest software updates (opens new window), which contain vital security upgrades to help protect your devices. 

What do I do if my computer has been infected?

If you think your computer has been infected you can use the following free tools to scan your computer and remove the malware

What do I do if I have been a victim of fraud?

If you have lost money through malware such as Dridex you should report this to Action Fraud (opens new window) as well as letting your bank know.

The NCA is working closely with the FBI and other partners to disrupt this activity, to find out more visit the NCA website (opens new window).